Natural Instinct Raw Pet Food

Official stockists award-winning raw pet food.

This is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (“BARF”) for dogs and cats. The ingredients range from a wide variety of human grade 100% British raw meats with bone and offal to a selection of fresh vegetables. Natural supplements are also included to give the additional health benefits offered by vitamins, anti-oxidants and nutrients such as sea kelp, Scottish salmon oil and spinach. The food is stored frozen.

Natural Instinct Raw Pet Food

Gentle cold pressed dog food

Healthy alternative to traditional dry food.

This is a gluten free food with a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals – high-meat content with a healthy combination of brown rice, vegetables, herbs, cold-pressed oils, green lipped mussel and other vital substances. It complements a raw food diet. There are no unnecessary bulking agents and is as close to the food from the wild as possible. It has a shelf life of 6 months and needs to be stored in cool and dry conditions, but not air tight.

Gentle Dog Food

Pet advice

Discover why raw is better.

Jade is currently studying for a diploma in Canine Health & Nutrition so will be able to offer you advice on all the products, the benefits to your pets of a raw food diet which includes:

  • Lots of energy
  • Shiny coat
  • Healthy digestion and bowels
  • Healthy skin
  • Fresher breath
  • Dense muscle structure
  • Strong bones, teeth and joints
  • More resilient immune system
  • Stools reduced & easier to clean up

Skippers dried fish treats

A fantastic source of nutrition for your dog.

These air-dried fishy treats are healthy and nutritious, great for growth and development, mobility, a shiny coat and digestion. In all shapes and sizes from chews to training treats.

Skipper Pet Treats

Critters Corner at Pet Shop Joys

Unusual insects and massive snails.

When you visit Pet Shop Joys be sure to allow a bit of time to enjoy Critters Corner. If Jade is on hand she will be able to tell you all about the inhabitants and she might even let you feed Judas the Praying Mantis. This is no ordinary group of critters, these bramble eating stick insects and leaf insects, soil chomping millipedes and Giant African Land Snails, whose shells will grow to 20cm, are part of a collection that will no doubt grow as Jade learns more about them.


Pet Shop Joys

Opening Times:

Weekdays 10AM – 3PM

Weekends 10AM – 3PM


54 Hawthorn Road


Lincoln, LN3 4DU