Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my dogs be walked with other dogs?

A: We do not multi walk dogs as the care of your dog is our priority.
If two of our walkers are walking in the same area they may meet up and walk the dogs together if they are sociable and fully innoculated.


Q: Does the same person always walk/visit my pets.

A: We always assign one member of staff to look after your pets but if our staff go on holiday or are ill we always ensure that when we do the meet and greet there are two members of staff present so that we have back up.  If you use us regularly we may also introduce you to a third member of staff.


Q: What about our security?

A: All our staff are CRB checked and for your security we do not advertise on our vehicle or ourselves.  This ensures that when our vehicle is parked on your drive it does not draw attention to the fact you are away from your home.  We will also maintain your routine drawing and opening curtains, moving mail and putting your bins in and out.


Q: Will you let my dog off the lead?

A: If your dog will do recall we will let them off the lead if you sign an off the lead authorisation form.  We will only walk your dog off the lead in a secure area.


Q: Will you water my plants?

A: We are happy to follow your instructions for your indoor plants.


Q: Can you mow our lawns?

A: Due to insurance and health and safety we are not able to operate any machinery.


Q: What time is the earliest I can drop my dog off in the morning?  And the latest I can collect them in the evening.

A: To offer the very best service for the dogs in our care whilst also ensuring that you have flexibility, our foster carers have two fixed drop off and collection windows – 8am-10am and 5pm-7pm*.

* Drop off and collection outside of these times is sometimes available in special circumstances but is only available by prior arrangement with VIPPIES, please contact the office on 01522 823536 to discuss your requirements further if you wish to drop off or collect outside of these slots.


Q: Do you offer a cleaning service too?

A: Due to the demand for our pet care services we are not able to offer a cleaning service.


Q: What does you Insurance cover?

A: We are insured for £5 million this covers us for if your dog causes an accident while in our care, if we have an accident in your house and damage anything we are insured to replace the broken item. If we were to lose your key and need to get a lock smith in to gain entry to your premises we are insured to replace all locks and new keys.  In the unfortunate event that your pet were to go missing in our care we are insured to advertise for their recovery or replacement.  If your pet is injured due to our negligence we are insured for all the vets bills.


Q: What qualifications do your staff hold?

A: Some of our staff have the canine first aid course and when another course is run the staff who do not have this qualification will take this course.  We have staff who are qualified in small animal care, and we have fully qualified staff in horse care.   But all of our staff have a basic knowledge in animal care through owning their own pets over the years.


Q: Do you offer Dog Training?

A: We are not qualified dog trainers and will not offer any training because of this.  We can however maintain any training you are taking and this can be drawn up at the meet and greet initially.


Q: Will my dog sleep in a kennel while they are in your care?

A: None of our carers have kennels and your dog will sleep in the house at the carers home.  If  they are crate trained you can bring you own crate for them to sleep in.  We do have a crate within the company which may be used if we need to isolate your pet if they are taken ill during our care, this will only be used in extreme circumstances.


Q: Do we need to provide our own food?

A: You will need to provide all food for your pet during our care and any specialist treats.  We do have a selection of treats but we will always check if it is ok to use these treats at the meet and greet.


Q: My pet needs mdication daily?

A: Our staff are able to administer drugs by any means if it is hidden in food, administered orally or injected.  We will ensure that we get all the information during the meet and greet and are all confident with the procedures.


Q: Will my dog be left alone during your care?

A: We do not offer 24 hour care for your pets, we need to shop as you do during your normal day, but your dog will not be left for any longer than 4 hours at any one time.


Q: Do my pets need to have their innoculations up to date?

A: If your pet is not in contact with any other animals in our care you do not need to have any inoculations, if however your pets are coming into one of our carers homes where there are other pets we would need to have proof that you innoculations are up to date.


Q: Can you foster my rabbit/guinea pig?

A: We do offer fostering for small caged animals but we do not have our own cages, and these will need to be transported to our carers homes.  They can be house rabbits/guinea pigs or outdoor rabbits/guinea pigs.


Q: Where do you walk my dogs?

A: Because we walk the dog from your home we normally take them on their regular walks, our walkers may however put them in the car and take them to a local park or wood walk if time permits.


Q: What happens if you need to cancel last minute?

A: Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, and as such any message left outside of these times on our answer machine will not necessarily be received until we are next in the office. If you have to cancel our services last minute then please do so via email or by contacting the emergency mobile number provided on our answering machine. Failure to notify us of cancellations in a timely manner or failure to follow the above procedure in event of a last minute cancellation (especially where your carer was expected to make themselves available at a certain time in order to provide you with a service), may result in a fee being applied to your account.


Q: What happens if there is an emergency?

A: At the meet and greet we take details of your registered vet, your mobile phone, work numbers and a number of someone you feel could speak on your behalf in an emergency.  If we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact, the vets form that you sign at the meet and greet comes into play and this gives us authority to act on your behalf.