A pet is for life not just for lockdown

A pet is for life not just for lockdown

We take great comfort from our pets be they furry, feathery or scaly and even more so during these strange times that are still with us, even though many restrictions have been lifted.

Quite a few people took on a pet for the first time during the early, more severe restrictions known as lockdown and so the increase in abandoned pets at the start was almost balanced by an increase in adoptions. However, now that people are returning to work, the children are heading back to school and a holiday away from home looks hopeful there is a real dilemma about what to do with the new family members. Unfortunately this has resulted in the RSPCA seeing an increase in abandoned animals of all shapes and sizes – over 3,500 already in the last couple of weeks.

If you are facing that dilemma, or know someone who is struggling with what to do, then before giving up think about the alternatives available.

Family, friends and neighbours can be very helpful but even better is a professional pet caring service. There are many all around the country and in the Lincoln area VIPPIES is proud to be regarded as amongst the very best.

We can help out with pretty much anything pet care related – apart from rehoming and veterinary services. This is some of what we offer:

  • Home visits while you are at work
  • Dog walking
  • Day care
  • Holiday care – known as ‘fostering’
  • House sitting your pets while you are away
  • Equine care

You will almost certainly regret giving up on your pet so please contact us to see if we can help you keep them as you return to the new normal. You can email us enquiries@vippies.co.uk or call us on 01522 823536 to discuss what you and your pet need.